After The Flood [Vinyl LP / Digital Download]

After The Flood, is the forthcoming album from Grammy nominated songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Luke Reynolds. Featuring members of the bands My Morning Jacket, The War On Drugs, and many more.

Recorded in Brooklyn, Nashville and Los Angeles.

First pressing is limited to 500 copies on high quality, 140g, 12", black vinyl. Vinyl purchase includes digital download card with each vinyl purchase, as well as a second digital download of After The Flood, on November 18th, via your choice of formats, giving you the option of downloading a higher fidelity format, something you will not find at iTunes or Amazon.

Digital albums will be delivered via your choice of format: FLAC, ALAC, MP3 320, MP3 VBR, or AAC 256.

From the writing, arranging, and recording, to the album artwork, art direction, and music videos, this is hand made art in it's purest form.


1. A Million Miles Away
2. Just A Little Further
3. Late At Night
4. No Way To Know What's Coming
5. Inside The Light
6. Where Does It Go After It's Gone
7. On My Way Back Home
8. From The Bottom Looking Up


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